Celebrating Spain’s Finest
Computer Science & Engineering Students


September 26-29, 2024


First Ascent is an exclusive, four-day, all-expenses-paid retreat for twenty of Spain’s finest computer science & engineering students and recent graduates.

  • Become part of an exclusive group of incredibly talented people
  • Put your technical skills to the test with a series of complex challenges
  • Tap into the wisdom of the best minds in the field and learn about their work at Bending Spoons
  • Enjoy everything that Milan has to offer!

First Ascent is organized by Bending Spoons, a leading European tech company

Bending Spoons has brought incredible products like Remini, Splice and Evernote to over half a billion people since its launching in 2013. Thanks to its exceptional company culture and an international team of top-tier talent, Bending Spoons has been consistently ranked as one of the best workplaces in Europe.

First Ascent is completely free—all expenses, including travel, accommodation, and activities, are covered by Bending Spoons.


Network with the best

Forge long-lasting bonds with incredibly talented students from all over Spain that share your passion for computer science.

Take up the challenge

Test your skills in a succession of stimulating technical challenges, let your talent shine and learn from the best in the field.

All expenses paid

Travel, accommodation, food, drinks, activities—everything will be covered by Bending Spoons as sponsor and organizer of First Ascent.

Experience a stunning city

Discover Milan, Italy’s tech capital. With its medieval structures and jaw-dropping skyscrapers, past and future stand side by side. 

(The food, culture, and nightlife are rather special too!)

”We were promised a fun event, but reality surpassed any expectation.”
First Ascent Participant
”The event was fun and stimulating. My favourite moments were the great dinner with both Spooners and Ascenders and the conversations on topics like entrepreneurship and the latest innovation trends.”
First Ascent Participant
”Had lots of fun, was stimulated, had very interesting conversations, nice event overall.”
First Ascent Participant
”Overall a great experience, with amazing people.”
First Ascent Participant

Only the top twenty applicants make the cut.

We value an excellent academic track record, but you also score big by pursuing tech-related and/or entrepreneurial side projects.

Here’s what it takes to become an Ascender:

  • You’re a Spanish university student or are undertaking a full degree in Spain.
  • You’re currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering, or you finished your degree within the last year.
  • You love challenges and you’re eager to meet exceptionally talented people to share your passion with.

The whole process takes place online. We’ll announce the successful applicants by August 2024.

A thorough selection process ensures that all First Ascent participants are extraordinarily bright, passionate, and driven. We’ve designed each step to make sure your talent has the opportunity to shine.

  • Screening based on CV, motivation letter and academic transcripts
  • Online logic-based and behavioral challenges
  • Online Interview
  • First Ascent
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